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Paul Cairns



I am 37 years old and from as far back as I can remember, my mind was troubled with questions about why am I here and what I will do with my life. I was unable to live in the moment and struggled building friendships with other kids. I was always comparing myself or wanting to be smartly dressed or to look like others. So at eleven years old when I picked up solvents, cannabis and hash, my feelings changed and I no longer worried about what others thought-so you could say that I was a very troubled child.

I left school without any qualifications and used Class A drugs such as speed, ecstasy and cocaine until I was 23 years old. I then landed in a twelve step fellowship looking for help with my addiction. It was suggested that I find a higher power to use as a solution to my problem. I also met Linsey there and we got married and had children.

But that sensation, feeling and change of thinking occurred and I started using again. I end-ed up in a psychiatric hospital which nearly killed me. I had given in at this point and all I wanted was for my life to end. I ended up on the streets, living in hostels and night shel-ters. I met several men who shared the good news to me about The Haven and of how Jesus had changed their lives. I now give my life to Christ daily and take guidance from leaders and now have a hope for the future.

My children now have their father back in their life and I have the love of God in mine. My wife and I now have plans for the future.

“Thank you Jesus for coming to rescue a wretch like me”




01505 872 099
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