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Anthony's story


I’m from Dundee and had a great upbringing with my mum and dad. I had a lot of happy memories until I was 14: my dad was spiked with drugs and he died overnight which devastated me. I started to rebel against everyone and didn’t really care what happened to me anymore. Before I knew it, I was taking a lot of party drugs and getting in trouble.


When I was 19 years old, I mad the worst mistake of my life: I tried heroin for the first time which seemed to take away all my worries and fears. For the next 11 years I was addicted to heroin, Valium and methadone. I was a full-blown drug addict searching for a way out and I was seriously depressed & full of fear.


After trying everything for over a decade and failing every time, I had accepted that this was my life and that I was going to die this way. I just could not see a way out anymore. On 18th March 2019 I entered The Haven still convinced that nothing was going to make me well again, I just kept praying and asking Jesus Christ to help me. I was weak and helpless and needed his help. As the weeks and months went on, my life was changing; He was showing me His love; the desire for drugs was going away and I was thinking differently. He showed me that He had a plan for my life if I kept making the right choices. For once in years, I felt so safe and started feeling spiritually strong. I am 14 months in now and am blown away every time what He has done in my life and I am excited about my future. Now I am able to help other drug addicts and tell them that there is another way in life for them. Praise God that I have all my family back in my life; now it is great to see them happy. I am looking forward to a happy life with my family and daughter and carrying out whatever God has planned for my life.





01505 872 099
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