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Kelvyn's story


I’m 39 years old and was born in Newport, Wales. I grew up never having parent figures in my life as I was taken into care at six years of age. Both my parents took their own lives. I’ve always struggled to find any happy memories from my childhood-the hard stuff always outshines the good. This all resulted in bad choices, wrong company and prison. All the stuff you say to yourself that you will never do, I ended up doing. And on top of this I had a 14 year Speed addiction. I was a waste of space.

In 2015 I completed The Haven programme. I then married on 13th January 2018. But unfortunately due to lack of surrender and small compromises I broke my wife’s heart. I returned to The Haven on 3rd June 2019. On doing this, a relationship with Jesus would be all that could change me. I recently spent a few weeks in Ireland which really changed me inside. I was baptised on 14th June.

I now try and do exactly what Matthew 6 v 33 says:

‘Seek first the kingdom of God and all else will be added.’





01505 872 099
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