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The Haven provides a residential programme for men with alcohol or drug addictions.

Aims & objectives

Provide support to individuals who have a drug and/or alcohol problem with a view to enabling that individual to occupy residential accommodation as a sole or main residence.

To enable individuals with drink / drug problems, to live a drug free, healthy and socially rewarding life.

To alleviate suffering and distress and advance the education of individuals

To promote the prevention of drug and/or alcohol related problems

To offer a community response to problems of drug and/or alcohol abuse by providing support/assistance/advice or counselling


We provide a life-skills programme that is meaningful, balanced and rewarding. This is central to the long term support we provide, since we recognise from experience, that the issues underpinning addiction are often deep rooted and entrenched, arising from chaotic lifestyles and backgrounds. Therefore residents are invited to participate in the life-skills programme aimed at cultivating positive attitudes, values and beliefs leading to well disciplined, pro-social, independent life-styles and promoting physical, social and interpersonal development.


At The Haven we offer the Group Studies for New Christians (GSNC), a series of fourteen studies developed by Teen Challenge USA. The GSNC material teaches biblical principles for dealing with addiction at its roots; it furthermore cultivates a knowledge base that will help students develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as they overcome their life-controlling problems. Furthermore, The Sermon on the Mount is central to our discipleship. It is taught in the form of Celebrate Recovery’s eight principles as well as through Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book ‘Cost of Discipleship.’ In addition, we seek to help students understand the Bible as God’s story. Therefore a narritival method underpins every lesson.


Having completed 44 weeks of our programme, a resident will be enabled to gain work experience, practical training and education in conjunction with local employers & colleges and similar charities to ours. There is a wide variety of choices to suit the resident’s individual needs.

Our residential programme

We offer a structured programme based on Christian principles which is designed to help residents require the necessary life-skills for future independent living. Our varied programme of activities is designed to challenge and equip each resident to deal with all of the issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Basic life skills for independence

Personal support planning

One to one sessions with key workers

Pastoral sessions

Recreational activities

Work experience placements

Bible teaching and church attendance

Educational support

The 4 Stages


The Haven 18 beds

This stage is designed to provide higher levels of housing support to 18 service users with 24 hour staff provision. The personal support plan in this stage focuses on key life skills which will ultimately lead to living back in the community.


Shalom 6 beds

Supported ‘Move-On’ accommodation is provided at ‘Shalom’. There is not such a high level of support given or needed at this point, although a staff member is on hand to give any relevant advice or support. As each individual moves onto this stage work experience, practical training and education are included in the support programme. Each service user may share a room with en-suite facilities and there are shared cooking and communal facilities.


The Bothy 4 beds Flat 2 beds Flat 1 bed

This stage provides the opportunity to move into a self contained flat in the nearby area where the service user is given a six month tenancy and continues to receive support whilst attending college, training or employment.


Independent living

Service users are helped to find independent accommodation. A Support Withdrawal Plan is drawn up. A Resettlement Worker keeps in touch over the settling in period and remains as a future point of contact.


Partnering with other organisations enables us to provide residents with opportunities to develop employability skills and independent living.

Who we work with:

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Outreach work

Many of our staff voluntarily work on the Teen Challenge outreach coffee-bar buses. Teams from local churches take the buses out each day all over Scotland. People struggling with addictions can visit the bus for a free coffee and biscuit and chat. Many of our residents have been referred to us through this Teen Challenge outreach work.

You can find out if a bus visits your area on the Teen Challenge Strathclyde website:


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