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We are a Christian charity providing a residential programme for men with alcohol or drug addictions.


We believe that every individual is of value and that every individual has the capacity to change with the appropriate support, giving them the opportunity to have a more positive future, free from addiction. The word ‘Haven’ means a sheltered, safe place; a refuge. It is a place where residents have the opportunity to get their lives back in order with the help of support staff; a place safe and free from disturbance or threat. We have a purpose built 18 bed facility in the countryside between Greenock and Kilmacolm. The rural location is ideal for breaking some of the networks which trap so many people with drug and alcohol problems, and gives them the opportunity to reflect and change enough to make it back into the community. We have established an excellent reputation in that we address the needs of vulnerable young men who have quite literally nowhere else to turn, having tried many other options to try and address their addictions. Having experienced and qualified staff to work closely with the service users enables us to identify individual needs and address the issues affecting their lives.



The Haven provides a residential programme for men with alcohol or drug addictions.


In 1989 Roy Lees was working with families and individuals in the Glasgow and Paisley areas.


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During this time he became burdened by the desperate needs of these people. Subsequently, a vision was formed in him to see these men, who were trapped within the struggles of poverty, crime and addiction, given the opportunity to have the necessary time away that they needed. Roy contacted a local landowner he knew named David Black, and asked for the use of the shepherd’s cottage within his family’s farmland in the Kilmacolm countryside. He had noticed the cottage was perfectly placed for what was needed. David regrettably informed Roy that this would not be possible as he had just signed a lease with a young couple who were now living in the building. Roy was undeterred, knowing that the vision birthed in him was God-given. He confidently informed David, “Well I’ll have to pray them out then.” Roy, with his partner in prayer Donnie Black, began to pray that God would change the current circumstances so that the building could be used for a greater good. A few weeks later, Roy received a phone call from David Black informing him of some astonishing news. The couple had just been offered a new job and with it, a new home. They then asked David if their lease may be terminated! Thus The Haven in its infancy began and Roy started to bring men in need of guidance, help and discipleship to the old cottage. Not long after this, Roy came across a Teen Challenge outreach bus that was operating on the streets of Glasgow, reaching out to those struggling in addiction. He established a lasting link between The Haven and Teen Challenge, with The Haven later adopting the same approach as Teen Challenge, in structure and ethos, to society’s drug problem. Roy later took over the bus work in Strathclyde, expanding the ministry to different areas of the city. Since then, the work of The Haven has grown and developed in many ways and the shepherd’s cottage is a lot bigger! However, the ethos and the determination to see men set free remains the same.


01505 872 099
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